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Halit Başaran, born in Ankara, graduated in 2005 from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry, one of the oldest high-ranking state universities in Turkey.

Upon his graduation, he practiced as a general dentist at Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital. 3 years later, he started working in Istanbul Okmeydanı Oral and Dental Health Hospital, right next to Nedim Özer, DDS, Prof.

Besides publishing many articles in national and international journals and giving out presentations at congresses; Prof. Dr. ÖZER has numerous cases in the fields of surgical treatment of dentofacial deformities, maxillofacial traumas, tumor surgery, temporomandibular joint surgery, cleft lip-palate, and dental implantology.

During 7 years of practicing together, Halit Başaran, successfully developed himself to become a successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon. From there on he became the Associate Medical Director of Okmeydanı Dental Health Hospital.

His increased responsibilities never stopped him from training dentistry students or performing dental procedures such as soft tissue biopsies, tumor removal, jaw realignment surgeries, soft tissue repairs, dental implants, extraction of wisdom teeth, and oral reconstructive surgeries.

During that time, he finished his Master’s degree in Health Institutions Management from Beykent University. Later on, he served as the Founding Chief of Medicine at Istanbul Sarıyer Oral and Dental Health Center. There, he directed and supervised all organizational healthcare policies and procedures for a staff of 110 employees while also maintaining his private practices daily.

Since January 2022, he is co-founding HAB Dental Clinic with his wife Ayşe Bige Başaran, DDS who has expertise in smile design. They’re parenting 2 boys and 1 girl.

Halit Başaran, DDS, sympathizes with all of his patients by listening to their needs and concerns. He dedicated his life to creating a stress-free environment while offering comfortable treatment.

That’s how the result ends up always the same, with a candid smile.

Attended Meetings and Certificates

2011– Certificate of Participate in “Basic Implant Training”, Kara Dental

2012– Certificate of Participate in Dentsem Symposium on Implantology in the Light of New Developments

2013– Certificate of Attendance for the 17 th International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry, EDAD

2014– Certificate of Attendance for MIS& Bezmialem Vakıf University Oral Implantology Seminar

2014– Diploma in “Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery Suture Techniques Management of Tooth Extraction

2014– Certificate of Participate in workshop of the Botiss Academy A-PRF(Advanced-Platelet Rich Fibrin)

2015– Award for ”prosthetic application of WeldOne Hands-on Training” for ANKYLOS and XiVE from


2015– Diploma for Masters of ANKYLOS İstanbul

2015– Certificate of Participate for “Concept, Indication, and Handling of ANKYLOS Implant System”,


2016– Certificate of Attendance for “Aesthetics in Implant Dentistry”, CEIA

2016– Certificate of Participate for 2nd Baltic Implantology Symposium, Dentsply Sirona, Riga

2016– Certificate of Attendance for “Jaw Joint Disorders and Solutions Training Seminar”, Vesta Vestiyer


2017– 6th Digital Dentistry Symposium CADA & Dentsply Sirona

2017– Certificate of Participate for Intermediate/Advanced Cadaver Course “Treatment Procedures for the Maxilla and Mandible in the Aesthetic Zone”

Zimmer Biomet, Spain

2017– Certificate of Attendance for ANKYLOS CONGRESS 2017, Dentsply Sirona, Vienna

2017– Certificate of Attendance for “The Future of Implant Dentistry” Biomet 3i, Antalya

2019– Certificate of Participate for myplant two-VIP Meeting including live surgery with Prof. Nentwig

Cavities” DENTSPLY Implants

2019– Certificate of “Occlusion and Clinical Protocols in Implanted Prostheses” from Bego Implant Systems

2021– Certificate of Participate for Nobel Biocare Turkey Symposium